Are you ready to take a U-turn?

Are you fed up with your current situation and want to move on? Do you want to go from chaos towards clarity? Then this is for YOU. Don't think, just feel & act.

In a nutshell: it is a combination of individual and group work that enables CHANGE in your life whereby you -only you- get to decide which route to take.

180° program in 6 steps

  • 1 clarity call (which is a -regenerative- individual session)
  • 2 compassion calls 
  • 1 creativity call 
  • 2 connection calls 


In addition you also get

  • Worksheets to  embrace your “me” & embody your “wannabe” whilst experiencing the power of "regenerative leadership" !
  • A -personalised- Magic box to help you express gratitude & joy.


  • The timing will be finetuned with participants (from different time zones) & replays are available.