Regenerative mapping


Regenerative systems have one thing in common: regenerative leadership, which is usually taken by the stakeholders in a collaborative way. For me, co-creation is a gateway to a more sustainable future. 

As a result, I decided to start drafting regenerative roadmaps, after a group process examining internal and external influences.  These maps are customised for your business or non-profit organization.

If you want to receive an offer, I will first send you an explanatory document (including a short survey) to figure out whether this approach can be of any use in your specific environment.

Ideally, you send me a message via LinkedIn to receive this.

The term regenerative is used in different contexts (Agriculture, Education, Economics, Politics....). I have +20 years of combined experience in these fields and started seeing linkages.

That is why I created a framework, inspired by John Hardman & Laura Storm, which leads to a practical roadmap to start making changes that have more impact than the current way of doing things. It is a strategic document that converts complex challenges into comprehensive and pragmatic solutions.


Nevertheless, change always starts with people and therefore you have to "live and breathe" regenerative self-leadership first before you can introduce it into your context. That is why I became a certified trainer in "regenerative purpose" .

I believe that living your purpose is a fundamental skill for leaders of the future. In collaboration with author Wendy May, I organise online Co-Labs to learn how to practice to become more regenerative. Just contact me to get the next dates.