First, a bit about who I am.... before you learn about what I can do and currently offer in the world. 

This is me :  human design-wise I am a Manifesting Generator and my zodiac sign is a Leo. Rainbows and the moon fascinate me. I seek wisdom in my environment -also known as "the Universe"- and surround myself with truth-seekers.

On a side note, I like green as it represents nature and gold which I try to find in people.

If you want to know more about my professional and personal background, you can check out my LinkedIn profile



The most rewarding gifts I ever received are my two daughters. They are mirorring who I am every day.... whether I like it or not. Though I do love children, generally speaking, sometimes I don't, like many parents. :-) 

From a young age, I took care of my cousins (we're 19 in total!). I experienced so much joy dressing up and directing theatre plays at my grandparents' place. Now, I encourage my girls to take their stage in life as well....currently, as princesses and later as queens! At the same time, we practice not to wear masks in real life and stay true to ourselves.

A great passion of mine is the next generation. Not just my own kids, but many teenagers and young adults have crossed my path & I am thankful for the place they took in my heart & the lessons that they have brought.


I have a few more "hobbies and jobbies": I invite people active in the field of education to learn from each other, including homeschoolers. Secondly, I am a proud ambassador for Trias, an international development organisation headquartered in Brussels working to help make the dreams of enterprising people all over the world come true. Finally, I also love making publicity for changemakers worldwide.