I believe in co-creation and connection worldwide cause the challenges that humanity currently faces are of a global nature.  

In my role as ambassador for Trias, I donate some of my time to facilitate online mastermind groups in French and English. They gather groups of leaders from businesses, non-profits and public institutions.

These masterminds are excellent networking opportunities to make contacts worldwide. 

If you immediately sign up for eight sessions, you get a personal coaching call with me for free!

One session costs 88 euros, all costs incl.

Two sessions cost 111 euros

Four sessions cost 222 euros 

 (incl. a free present from Trias)

Eight sessions cost 444 euros

(incl. present from Trias + free call with the facilitator)


How can you enroll?
By transferring the money to TRIAS at this account number:

BE45 7363 3333 3389

with reference "Mastermind FR" or "Mastermind ENG" 

+ by sending an e-mail with your name and phone number to mastermind@trias.ngo when you have transferred the sum, so we can keep track and reach you for practical issues.

You can also receive a fiscal attestation upon simple request in your e-mail.